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Still Loved by the Sun: A Rape Survivor's Journal

A memoir that chronicles the year after Migael Scherer was raped and nearly murdered in a Seattle laundromat. Still Loved by the Sun received a 1993 PEN/Martha Albrand Special Citation for distinguished nonfiction. The PEN judges described it as "one of the first of its kind...With the skill of a novelist Scherer has written a poignant exploration of one woman's evolving reactions to being victimized by random violence...Her insights are heroic and universal." In the same year the book also received a Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award.

   All day yesterday I dreaded the night. Paul had offered to go alone, but I needed to be there too, to break the news to my parents. It wasn't my mother who worried me. I knew she would be shocked, then loving. It was my father. All I could think of, suddenly, was him at the head of the dinner table when I was a child, telling me to sit up straight and chew with my mouth closed. And when I cried, to go to my room. Where would my attack fit into his ordered life?