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Sailing to Simplicity: Life Lessons Learned at Sea

Thirty vignettes that explore everyday life on the water—from childhood escapes on makeshift rafts to ocean passages. "...always instructive, sometimes profound, and a good candidate for both the bedside at home and the bunkside afloat...” -SailNet

   I can still remember how I felt as a kid the first time I pushed away from the beach on a raft. No more than 20 feet out and I was free. the grown-ups who waved from land seemed trapped there, and small. I belonged to a different, liquid world. . . .

Selected Works

"...so complete that veteran cruisers will discover cruising grounds they didn't know existed or didn't consider navigable..." –Sail Magazine
“Scherer weaves memory, experience, human relationships and the joys of sailing into such an intricate tapestry that each reader will discover something new.” –Sailing magazine
"...a guide into a sailor's soul...Scherer puts into words the thoughts and insights that are deeply felt but rarely expressed." -48° North
"a book that can enlighten anyone trying to understand the process of healing from violence." -New York Times Book Review
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