Back Under Sail: Recovering the Spirit of Adventure

Written with the momentum and grace of a sailboat running at full speed, Back Under Sail describes a five day race through breathtaking Alaska wilderness, and one woman's voyage outward from deeply isolating experiences. The Spirit of Adventure Around Admiralty Island Race tests whether she can regain her enthusiasm for life after a violent attack three years earlier, ending in fresh insights and renewed hope.
"Her descriptions of the team's surroundings can be nothing short of luminous." -Publishers Weekly

   Eagle raced over the trackless sea, parting the waves. Spray glowed against the running lights, green on the starboard side, red on the port. Beneath us were living creatures, unseen. Against us was the wind. The sky was deep violet and scattered with stars--it would get no darker on this solstice night.
   Our watch almost over, the three of us had been silent for some time, speaking only when we tacked, moving nothing but the rudder and the sails.

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" complete that veteran cruisers will discover cruising grounds they didn't know existed or didn't consider navigable..." –Sail Magazine
“Scherer weaves memory, experience, human relationships and the joys of sailing into such an intricate tapestry that each reader will discover something new.” –Sailing magazine
"...a guide into a sailor's soul...Scherer puts into words the thoughts and insights that are deeply felt but rarely expressed." -48° North
"a book that can enlighten anyone trying to understand the process of healing from violence." -New York Times Book Review
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